Acceleration Program for startups
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Our acceleration program is directed to startups (ie. micro and small entrepreneurs), which develop innovative products, services or technologies especially in the smart city industries (Smart City), artificial intelligence (AI), industrial internet of things and expanded reality (IIoT, AR).

We are looking for projects that have at least a working prototype (or are able to deploy the solution within a few months).

For the program we are looking for startups:

  • starting their business activity - ie. they operate for a maximum of 5 years from the date of registration
  • which did not distribute profits and were not created as a result of the merger
  • not listed on the stock exchange

Who is behind this?

Business Expectations

  • material engineering, e.g. new anti-corrosion coatings solutions to ensure product genuineness
  • new solutions in the material engineering industry
  • plastics, new uses of known plastics, composite materials, materials with a blend of graphene
  • coating materials, particularly related to paints and varnishes using melamine and polyamide
  • new types of plastics, resins
  • used battery technologies, with particular reference to type of materials used as electrolytes, membranes, electrodes, casings, etc. and producers of the above accumulators and materials used by them, such as batteries used in electronics, maintenance-guaranteed voltage, and used for energy storage and cooperation with energy networks
  • fine and technologically advanced, high-purity chemical intermediates used in the production of many specialty chemicals, i.a. dedicated to the agrochemical industry, production of dyes, additives for plastics, paints and varnishes, catalysts
  • pure chemicals produced in accordance to precise specifications, usually in the process of traditional organic synthesis

  • internet and mobile marketing and advertising, in particular tools for broadcasting, managing and monitoring the effectiveness of advertising campaigns
  • loyalty and bonus solutions
  • fleet management
  • fuel consumption monitoring systems

Internal processes

  • OHS processes (including VR);
  • Customer Service Management (CRM, Customer Service Center/ Complaints);
  • employee vs. employee automation processes (e.g. chatbots in finance and HR departments);
  • tool for the data collection and data processing (market intelligence).

Industry 4.0 (Production plants)

  • system for delegating tasks to employees of the mine in the field;
  • optimization of mining and production processes (e.g. better planning, soil scanning);
  • reduction of CO2 emissions;
  • prevention in maintenance and prediction of machine wear.

Supply chain

  • optimization of business partner queues in front of establishments;
  • a common platform, that optimize the loading of the cart for producers of compatible products (cereals, fertilizers, aggregate) ;
  • tools for monitoring the level of development of material storage area. 

Concrete business

  • tools for scanning the actual volume of concrete at the client's;
  • sensors monitoring the quality of concrete in transport from the plant to customer;
  • sales support tools (e.g. virtual catalogue of products and solutions);
  • complaint management (e.g. augmented reality on the technologist - customer and salesman line).

  • increasing the satisfaction of patients
  • use of remote channels/digital channels
  • improvements/optimization of back-office processes
  • innovations in dentistry, orthopedics, oncology, imaging diagnosis
  • in particular in the field of:
    • electronic signatures
    • telemedicine
    • primary prevention
    • self-treatment
    • patient involvement in the treatment process
    • arranging deadlines
    • ergonomics of information both from the patient's and the medical staff perspective
    • planning and optimizing the provision of medical care
    • monitoring and prevention-including secondary (i.e. for example after cancer)
    • documentation archiving
    • therapies
    • supporting decisions for medical personnel in the process of providing the service
    • optimization in the process of acquiring and directing patients
    • sale of dental packages
    • automation of patient administration in the scope of their basic activities

  • extraction process optimization
  • raw material treatment (improvement of fuel quality parameters)
  • carbon dioxide utilization (CCU)
  • emission reductions (NOx, SOx, Hg, etc.)
  • improving manufacturing efficiency
  • fuel gasification
  • micro-cogeneration
  • nuclear energy
  • photovoltaics
  • wind energy
  • SmartGrid
  • SmartMeters
  • energy storage
  • Big Data
  • Smart Facility
  • e-Mobility
  • demand management

●  Gamification for professional development - gamification for Nevo (internal L&D program);

● Cultural-sensitivity/ inclusion and diversity training including VR;

●  Smart office and virtual collaboration/ IoT/HR;

● Deskspace utilization with real-time reporting - flexible working environment + managing remote teams (who is in the office, who is working remotely). Hot desk management etc.;

● Gamification for any type of repetitive process.


By participating in the program you get:

  • up to 6 months of Acceleration Program
  • opportunity to implement/pilot in cooperation with a large company
  • non-refundable financial support - a grant up to 200 000 zł
  • 400 hours of consultancy and mentoring
  • flexible Acceleration Program lasting from 3 to 6 months
  • individual technology consultancy – support from technology experts from large and medium-sized enterprises
  • mentoring consultancy (ai. in terms of image creation, data protection, intellectual property, etc.)
  • post-acceleration – assistance in acquiring investors, additional sources of financing for new solutions, and implementing them on the market


About the project

IMPACT_POLAND (2.0) is a unique, author’s startup Acceleration Program, developed by FundingBox Accelerator Sp. z o.o.

The aim of the programme is to accelerate development and to support innovative, creative micro and small entrepreneurs and to check their potential with the use of infrastructure, experience and resources of technology recipients (large and medium-sized enterprises).

Project Implementation period: 05.09.2018 – 30.06.2022

Amount of expenditure intended for grants: 10 000 000

The IMPACT_Poland project received funding from the Smart Growth Operational Programme 2014 – 2020, Priority axis II: Supporting the environment and the potential of enterprises to conduct R & D & I activities, Measure 2.5 Acceleration Programs, Sub-measure 2.5 Acceleration Programs, grant agreement No: UDA-POIR. 02.05.00-00-0004/18-00.

IMPACT_Poland Project (2.0) Total value: 15,765,697.77 zł, including EU funding 14,080,697.77 zł.

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